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Living Room Envy: 3 Bars in Magenta by Tom Bolles

Interior Design: Erica Burns Interiors, Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg


When you walk into this beautiful living room completed by DC-based designer Erica Burns, a bold, large-scale canvas is there to greet you. Tom Bolles’ mixed media piece 3 Bars in Magenta has a strikingly minimal composition that hums with vivid color. Attracted to 1960s Op and Psychedelic art, Bolles softly blends magenta into an expanse of dimensional black, creating an almost hypnotic experience.


Detail of 3 Bars in Magenta, mixed media on canvas, 66 × 66 inches


This artwork works well with the other simple, but uniquely crafted pieces in the space, from the undulating wood bench to the triangular ottomans.

This photograph was featured in the Veranda Magazine article, Designers on How Art Will Dominate the Industry in 2022—And Beyond. There’s no better way to bring your unique personality into your space than through art. We’re excited to how our clients and design partners continue to emphasize art in their spaces this year!

Tom Bolles:

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