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5 Interiors Inspired by the Elements of Nature

Incorporate the five classical elements of nature—air, earth, water, fire, and space—into your interiors. With a variety of symbolic meanings, each element creates a different ambiance and sparks an innate response. Explore each one below, and set the mood for your space.


Look to air to create a light and uplifting interior. Think skylights, breezy drapes, and a minimalist palette. Eric Abrecht’s series perfectly captures this sense of weightlessness.

Eric Abrecht, Malecon series, Oil on Canvas, 20 × 20 in.



With warm tones and organic materials, earth interiors have a comforting, grounding effect. The natural colors and textures in Shivani Dugar’s work complement an earth-inspired space.

Shivani Dugar, In the Wind, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 36 in.



Interiors influenced by the blues and greens of the sea, create a peaceful atmosphere. Liz Barber’s Sunset Wave 3 illustrates the fluid movement of water.

Liz Barber, Sunset Wave 3, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 × 72 in.



Add some fire to give your room a vivacious spirit. Incorporate vivid reds and oranges into your furniture, or on a bold accent wall. David Rothermel’s piece exemplifies the intense energy of fire.

David Rothermel, Preview, Acrylic on Panel, 48 × 64 in.



Interiors that channel the fifth element—sometimes called ether or spirit—are quiet and a little mysterious. Katia Poulin’s Equinox has a celestial quality that embodies this element.

Katia Poulin, Equinox, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40 × 60 in.


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