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Wilks: Balance

Don Wilks' dynamic, emotive sculpture "Balance" emits joyous movement and excitement. The masterful piece defies the... More

Alan: Art for Everybody

Well known for his Populus series, artist Craig Alan first drew inspiration from a balcony overlooking... More

Craig Alan’s Populous

"The ‘Populous’ series is about changing the perspective from which society views itself; from something ‘large’... More

Xan Padron: Behind the Lens

Photographer Xan Padron enjoys being a silent observer behind his lens, interested in capturing candid moments...

Conversation Starters

  What’s not to love about this Ariel Vargassal and Craig Alan pairing? Together, they create...

Dennis Campay: Three Divas

  In Dennis Campay’s new vibrant and eclectic cityscape, Three Divas, he immerses his viewers in...

A Year in Review

As we begin a new year, we can’t help but think of all our favorite art...