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Studio Chat: Craig Alan

Craig Alan is a dynamic artist whose work is constantly evolving. In addition to his notable...

Craig Alan’s Populous

"The ‘Populous’ series is about changing the perspective from which society views itself; from something ‘large’... More

Alan: Art for Everybody

Well known for his Populus series, artist Craig Alan first drew inspiration from a balcony overlooking... More


From his impressive Narrative Series, Craig Alan's "Adagio" (a tempo that marks for music to be... More

Conversation Starters

  What’s not to love about this Ariel Vargassal and Craig Alan pairing? Together, they create...

A Year in Review

As we begin a new year, we can’t help but think of all our favorite art...

Inviting Living Space

  Craig Alan’s contemporary Homage: Ruby and Amy Van Winkle’s minimalistic Wonderful Unknown series provide character to this...

Conveying Personality

An interior may have one focal point or many smaller wow moments — in either case,...