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Just in…Hyunmee Lee

The new Hyunmee Lee collection feature a soft, tranquil color palette as seen in "Bada-Sori" below. More

Hyunmee Lee

My art practice crosses three continents over two decades. The works consider the images and ideas... More

Abstract Temptation

Hyunmee Lee's "Ingeneration #4" mixes a modern aesthetic with traditional Eastern painting and abstract calligraphy... More

Make a Statement

Hyunmee Lee's "Take June" makes a statement with its larger than life presence in this dining... More

A Quiet Beauty

Hyunmee Lee's First State warms and energizes the foyer of this traditional home. Lee's striking simplicity... More

Studio Soundtracks

Music is an incredibly powerful force, one that influences our moods and how we interact with...

Dare to be Bold

Dare to be bold with color! Our art consultants have each chosen a piece that makes...

Finding Your Color Mood

Earlier this month, we shared some pieces from our collection that are on trend with Pantone’s...