Category: Room With A View

A Splash of Color

This dining area was part of a contemporary open concept home. We were on the search for a modern piece that would complement the style of the space, while adding a touch of color to the overall neutral palette. 

We narrowed it down to three abstract paintings—each piece creates a compelling focal point in the bar area alcove.




Concept #1

Noah Desmond, Turning Toward Spring, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 48 in.


Desmond’s Turning Toward Spring is a playful and vibrant interpretation of nature. The piece has an impressionistic style that brings a little bit of warmth into the room.


Concept #2

Jeff Erickson, Harbor Reflections, Oil and Wax on Panel, 48 × 48 in.


The lively colors of Harbor Reflections really pop in the space, but the simplicity of the work has a feeling of peace. Erickson’s use of wax creates interesting texture that draws you in.


Concept #3

Lun Tse, Streaming VII, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 × 48 in.


Tse’s layered ribbons of color in Streaming VII have a sense of airiness and movement. The rich red tones dance along the edges of the canvas, creating a dynamic composition.


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