Category: Art + Design

Whimsical Designs: Lines & Dots

Add a whimsical line or playful polka dots to create a space that feels lively and dynamic. ¬†Stripes and dots are fun and a great way to add pattern that can be vibrant and festive or subtle and subdued. ¬†Whether you want just a ‘dot’ or a whole lot, these timeless patterns will never go out of style.

Douglas “Candy Stripe IX & VII” Mixed Media on Wood 24 x 20 in. each
Oliveira “Aurora Borealis #2” Mixed Media on Wood 49 x 49 in.
Quen “Inked” Acrylic on Canvas 52 x 62 in.

Leila “Concentric Spheres” series Mixed Media on Paper 24 x 24 in. each
Iorillo “Ten Circle” Acrylic on Canvas 50 x 50 in.
Douglas “To The Point” series Mixed Media on Metal 20 x 20 in. each