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Amy Donaldson: Resting in Silence

Amy Donaldson's Resting in Silence
Amy Donaldson, Resting in Silence, Mixed Media on Canvas, 58.5 × 59.5 in.


Amy Donaldson’s work reflects her visual and emotional engagement with the world around her. Taking elements from travels abroad and from her home state, Florida, Donaldson creates compelling abstract landscapes.

While the location behind Resting in Silence can be interpreted differently from viewer to viewer, the piece overall emits a radiant, joyful energy.


Resting in Silence in a dining room
Room image sourced from Pinterest


With its large scale and vibrant color palette, Resting in Silence will bring a liveliness to any interior space.


Detail of Resting in Silence
A detail of the piece reveals Donaldson’s layering of energetic strokes and splatters


Donaldson uses a variety of tools to build her compositions, adding and subtracting layers from the canvas. These expressive layers help achieve a strong sense of light and space.

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