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An Artist’s Best Friend (Part 2)

Dennis Campay, The Warmth of Light, Mixed Media on Paper, 30 x 22 inches


From Pablo Picasso and his beloved dachshund Lump to Salvador Dali and his ocelot Babou, artists throughout history have been counting on their pets for companionship, company in the studio, and even inspiration for their work. It turns out the artists we represent are just as defenseless against a cute pair of puppy dog eyes—meet some of their pets below.


Rose Masterpol

“I have two pets: Rusty, a Golden doodle (age 5) and Haley, a Cockapoo (age 11). Rusty is a comical guy, very athletic and very loving. We hang in bed in the mornings, and he is literally on top of me kissing me and cuddling me.

Haley is a Buddha; she likes to meditate and read books (Well, if she could). She is super smart and only 20 pounds, so cuddling with her is sweet. They love going hiking and being with my partner and I no matter what. But when we have to leave the house, they have such sad faces… it is hard to leave them.”


Sherry Czekus

“I’ve really wanted a dog I can bring to my studio. He’s an 11 week old Nova Scotia Duck Toller named Danni. He’s the cutest and loves being in the studio.”


Lynn Johnson

“Tippy the Standard Schnauzer. She is my shadow, always by my side making me smile. We say her personality is that of a Sour Patch Kid, sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. She just turned ten in July and still acts like a puppy.”


Eric Abrecht

“My favorite pet is Cooper, our 11 month old rescue. Our daughter moved out and took her lab with her. Her dog used to hang out in my studio at night. My studio is separated from the house so she could run around in the yard then come in to rest in my studio. Cooper has taken her spot and besides running out with my brushes or painting rags, he is a great studio mate.”


Liz Barber

I have a Goldendoodle named Sydney. Sydney is my shadow all day long. She brings joy wherever she goes. While I paint in the studio she gazes attentively out the windows at any chipmunk, squirrel or bird in the yard. We live in a dense suburban forrest with a creek just behind us. It is wild kingdom out there. Great doggie tv. 


Tom Bolles

“I am down to one aging Dachshund from initially two. Millie is still around at 17 years. Her brother Mikey died a couple of years ago. They were rescue dogs so they came with baggage. Mikey was a character not beloved by all as he didn’t trust new people, but he adored me.

Millie has always been shy, and at this age her favorite hobby is napping.”


Raul de la Torre

“Maggie, a crazy, very smart yellow lab. She “understands” two languages: English and Spanish.”


April Midkiff

“Currently, we have two cats (Sunny and Luna) and one dog (Chase) in our home. Our two cats are brother and sister but couldn’t be more different in appearance and personality!

Chase is a true sweet heart and loves traveling with us when we go camping. We adopted him from our local animal shelter and has brought so much love and fun to our family.”



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