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An Evening With ROSE Women’s Foundation

ROSE co-founder Allie Amoroso with art consultant and event organizer Betsy


Thanks to everyone who came out Thursday evening to raise awareness for ROSE Women’s Foundation! Co-founder Allie Amoroso joined us in the Chevy Chase gallery to speak about the organization.

We also had a great time collaborating on a collage (inspired by artist duo Calderon and Dopazousing fabrics from Kenya.

On a mission trip to Kenya, Amoroso met school headmaster Patrick Juma, who introduced her to the women and children of Nairobi’s most impoverished areas. Together, Amoroso and Juma founded the ROSE Women’s Foundation. The non-profit focuses on lifting Kenyan communities from extreme poverty by helping mothers grow sustainable small businesses. ROSE and their partners provide access to important resources including adult education classes, health care, support groups, entrepreneurship training, and business loans.

In honor of ROSE, we hung the gallery with pieces by female artists from around the world.