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Andrews: Je Suis Ash

Andrews, "Je Suis Ash," Acrylic on Canvas, 89 x 95 in.
Andrews, “Je Suis Ash,” Acrylic on Canvas, 89 x 95 in.

“Je Suis Ash” by artist Ashley Andrews boasts broad areas of color with bright accents and jagged lines set against a more whitewashed background. Andrews’ work is abstract in nature, free-formed and animated, yet also incorporates a figurative element in the blue balloon dog on the left, a reference to artist Jeff Koons and his reproduction of various objects of popular culture, as seen in his series of balloon animals. In Andrews’ work, pops of yellow, pink and pastel blue stand out beside graffiti-like unrestrained gestural marks. Her work is full of energy and playful in nature, inspired by her travels, the adventures of her youth and her zest for life.

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