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Art—From Wall to Wall

From rustic wood paneling to geometric wallpaper, there’s a work of art perfect for every wall. Explore these ideas for choosing a piece that will enhance the textures, patterns, and architectural details of your space.

S T Y L I S H   B R I C K

Exposed brick can add an effortless charm to any interior. To contrast the rustic warmth of the brick, try a contemporary black and white work of art.

Hunt Slonem, Untitled, Oil and Acrylic with Diamond Dust, 48 × 48 in.


V I V I D   C O L O R

The right artwork will make your accent wall color pop. Look for a work of art that contains hints of your wall shade without overwhelming it.

Liz Barber, Spring Sky 3, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 × 48 in.


E L E G A N T   M O L D I N G

Spaces with decorative molding often have a sophisticated, French influenced style. Enhance the classical design with a romantic and theatrical painting.

Charles Dwyer, Elise, Mixed Media on Canvas, 78 × 60 in.


S E R E N E   S T O N E

Find artwork to bring out the tranquil quality of your stone walls. A piece with layered brush strokes can echo the stone’s natural texture.

Shivani Dugar, The Climb, Oil on Canvas, 60 × 48 in.


M O D E R N   W A L L P A P E R

Whether your wallpaper is classic and floral or modern and geometric, a minimalist artwork can provide a striking contrast.

Ariel Vargassal, What’s Left Behind, Acrylic on Canvas, 48 × 60 in.


R U S T I C   W O O D

Elevate the wood paneled walls of your farmhouse style home. An expressive landscape painting blends country charm with sophistication.

Josef Kote, Another Beginning, Acrylic on Canvas, 47.5 × 47.5 in.

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