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Art That Speaks to the Soul

“As I attempt to examine our existence in the universe, I try to make people stop and take a moment to think about life” – Tolla

Through her sculpture, Tolla looks to explore questions of the human condition. Using bronze as her medium of choice, she pays homage to the early sculpture of the Bronze Age.   “Obeying Universal Law” is an example of how our spirit moves us forward in the universe. While we are still individuals, we are part of a larger mechanism that moves the world forward.

Visit the gallery to see the new work by Tolla in person; call the gallery for more information.

Tolla, "Obeying Universal Law", Bronze, 31 X 7.5 X 11.5 in
Tolla, “Obeying Universal Law”, Bronze, 31 X 7.5 X 11.5 in