When in the studio, April Midkiff finds herself drawn to the unbridled freedom and rawness of such artists like de Kooning, Motherwell, and Richter. Their works have sparked her passion for experimenting, trying new approaches, and constantly striving to do things a better way. In contrast, the works of Calder, Klee, and Louis draw her in with their seemingly effortless balance and harmony. April thoroughly enjoys the process and the challenge of creating new art. She strives to find a balance between freedom and restraint during her creative process and embracing experimentation is key.  

“As with life, I feel that art has so many lessons to teach us, and that the only way to move forward is to pay attention and try to improve upon yesterday.” - April Midkiff

April Midkiff is a fourth-generation Arizonan, growing up in the small town of Waddell in the far west Phoenix Valley. Spending her childhood surrounded by farms, animals, and the desert, April formed a strong connection with nature. Her love for Arizona and all of its diverse natural beauty runs deep.

Shortly after graduating Cum Laude with a BFA from Arizona State University, April was married to her high school sweetheart. Following marriage, April happened upon a group of artists who worked collaboratively in a shared space. She quickly found her place among these artist and settled in. The next 12 years were spent learning and growing as an artist within this community. Sharing this space, April was exposed to new techniques, mediums, and substrates and how to use them successfully - truly broadening her talents. The opportunity to create in this manner allowed April to not only hone what came naturally, but to also explore who she wanted to be as an artist.

Throughout the years of refining her artistic ability, April and her husband welcomed two beautiful boys into the world. April’s children remind her everyday to find happiness in the little moments and to not take things too seriously. They are the light in her life. With the addition of two gentle and sweet rescue dogs, April’s home life is a source of great gratitude.    

In early 2018 April began a new chapter in her artistic career. She was offered a substantial studio to make her own. April is currently working out of her new space, which is situated near her childhood home. This new chapter has brought renewed excitement to April’s artistic vision.  Presently, April feels that things have come full circle. She is back in the mindset of limitless possibilities that dominated her college career, but now with an extensive history of experimentation guiding her.

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