Deborah Weiss is a visual artist creating both works on paper and paintings. She has exhibited throughout the United States and has been included in several international exhibitions, taking place in China, Sweden, Italy, England, and Denmark. Weiss’ works are also included in numerous private and corporate collections. She was born in New York and now maintains a studio and residence in Connecticut.

"The Blooms series is a celebration of the contemporary botanical image. I have always been captivated by traditional botanical paintings and prints. In this series I seek to pursue this motif using a contemporary language and medium.

I have included my own dyed and painted papers in these hand cut collages. Choosing to interpret the textures and organic shapes in blue and white is in reverence to the rich history of this color pairing. First in China and later in Europe, blue and white wares were treasured. Taking the bloom formations a step further, I am including a multiple color palette, as well as cyanotypes and vintage papers in this series."

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