Erickson knew at an early age that art would be a part of his life. His grandmother was an American Impressionist painter, and he would watch her create colorful brush strokes across the canvas. Erickson grew up traveling and living abroad with his family that allowed him to visit museums across the world, and soak in images of faraway landscapes.

Erickson’s art developed out of these experiences, with an eye towards texture and abstraction. His paintings have a minimal and literal landscape element, capturing and conveying the textures of life.

“The experience of painting is a great escape from the complexities of life, and I always find myself creating an abstract scene of peacefulness, relaxation, and calmness. I’m drawn to water, the sea, and the ocean, and these feelings show up in my abstract landscapes.

I paint with oils and wax medium on canvas, gessoed hardboard, and paper. I’m able to create multiple layers of translucent colors and through the process of scratching, distressing, and dissolving, I’m able to capture depth and feeling within the painting. With each painting, I start with no end game. I allow the painting to develop and see where it leads me.”

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