Joseph Adolphe was born in Calgary, Canada. After receiving his MFA in New York City he continued to live in the United States. His paintings have been featured in numerous exhibitions, both within the U.S. and abroad. Within his body of work there is a rich diversity of subjects, all of which speak to an underlying conviction that the world our senses perceive reflect deeper metaphysical connections to the worlds both beyond and within. His paintings share an underlying interest in the universal, yet also reflect an intimate autobiographical context that seeks to come to terms with those forces that shape his life. As much as Joseph strives to capture the physical essence of a created thing, he also tries to give form to the forces that shape the created thing. Joseph is also a Professor in the Department of Art and Design at St. John’s University in New York City, where he teaches drawing and painting.

“The life blood of a painting for me comes from the intimate and tactile encounter between myself and the oils. Every mark must be infused with confidence, energy, and enthusiasm to coax from the oils those unique qualities that are specific to it. In other words, the painter must allow the oils to speak for themselves whenever possible. In this sense my goal is like that of the symbolist poets: that through a process of compression and distillation—of making simple formal relationships between subject and form—each subject becomes charged with as much feeling and meaning as possible.”

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