Larry believes the greater the investment, the greater the 
reward and this is obvious in his bronze sculptures. Larry 
began his career in figurative bronze castings in 2007.
 Inspired by the inner spirit and strength of the human 
figure, Larry works from live models, who are often
 athletes at the pinnacle of their sport. Each sculpture has 
a unique personality and great strength, enhanced by Larry’s attention to detail and texture.

“I don’t believe there are limits to the potential of man. From the very beginning of time, the essence of life and the instinct for survival has been nurtured. Each century, each decade, each year, day and moment has favored that organism which could rise above all others. These strengths have become manifested in the incomprehensible combination of factors which make each of us unique. Fingerprints, eyes, the heart, soul and spirit which make up the billion who have come before and the billion not yet conceived, each as its own individual snowflake.

I search for those unique individuals who push the limits of emotion and allow the inner spirit to rise to the surface. Those who I seek out demonstrate dedication to a cause, the love of life, and creativity in exploring concepts never before conceived. My challenge is to recognize, interpret and record these individuals in a representative manner but, not one which is static. It is not an instant I seek; rather, an event portrayed as it unfolds before our eyes. It is this wonder and spirit of mankind’s unrestrained quest which I strive to capture.”

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