LIZ BARBER Biography

Liz Barber pursued painting while obtaining her degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Moore College of Art. She currently resides in Marietta, Georgia. Barber's paintings are layered bursts of energy that record experience. She draws from nature, memories, and emotion when creating her volumetric configurations. A shape for Barber can occupy multiple spaces. Shapes can capture movement, light, create a metaphor, be both opaque and airy, thick and organic.

She states, “I am constantly aware of light within my work, especially in regard to color pairings and interactions. I like to pour colors onto the canvas and watch what develops. I intuitively edit and modify each composition. My work commands the viewer’s visceral response, one that is not superseded by representational or abstract imagery nor technical analysis.”

Barber works in mixed media. She uses graphite and oil pastel to create drawn elements within her work. Mark making is used in her work to add diversity and layers to her very (otherwise) organic shapes. The translucency achieved in her work is in many ways the result of great experimentation. By mixing various materials, the artist creates hard and soft edges she later enhances or edits in order to achieve a balanced surface.

The shapes Barber chooses are referential to multiple subjects, nature being the most inspirational. Barber is moved by the colors of Fall, or the movement of water in a stream which she later translates into organic compositions which are enigmatic yet familiar.

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