“Life is a wonderful endless journey... if you know how to live it”

Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome, Italy May 7, 1966. He has studied art at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York and in workshops and foundries both in the United States and Europe.

His artistic endeavors are impressive and rewarding, and have brought him phenomenal success. He is inspired by the great masters, Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpeaux and Rodin, and frequently returns to Italy for inspiration and knowledge.

Starting as a painter in 1982, he soon discovered that a dimension was missing from his works. He turned to sculpting because of a need to create. He felt as a painter he could not offer anything that had not been offered already by other artists. Sculpting allowed him to convey his innermost feelings to the viewer; it is in fact this direct communication which Lorenzo constantly seeks in all of his works. “It is the viewer that interests me not the art critic... I make art for myself and the people who wish to come along for a ride in my dreams.”

He gets his inspiration to create from life’s everyday experiences, as well as from poems and literature, but especially from observing life’s energy. Savoring life to the fullest is very important to Lorenzo as it allows him to enjoy the many aspects of existence. As a result, each of his works represents a period, an emotion, a symbol.

He has managed to absorb and combine all his diverse talents, thus enabling him to develop his own unique artistic style. His work reflects the clear, true vision of a successful artist who has matured far beyond his years in a stimulating, intellectual environment.

Lorenzo, other than having exhibited throughout the U.S., has also shown his work in South America, Europe, and Asia.

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