AMY DONALDSON Amy Donaldson creates landscape paintings in a personal style that combines visual and visceral elements of her experiences of the world. Engaging with the world around her gives Donaldson a deeply personal feeling for humanity which accounts for the wide range of subjects and rich textures present in her work. Extensive travel to places as disparate as earthquake-ravaged Haiti to art-world cities such as Berlin and New York inform and inspire her process.

As a native of Florida, where she also currently lives and works, Donaldson uses imagery of her home state frequently and cites it as one of her favorite subjects. These Florida paintings burst with joy and the bright light of a sparkling Atlantic morning. Donaldson has attained a signature style that embodies both a sense of immediacy and freshness.

Evident in each restless, vibrant composition is Donaldson’s strong sense of color and feeling for light and space. Using tools other than traditional brushes, she attacks the surface of the canvas in a direct approach which is both additive and subtractive. On her painting process she says, “In my college painting classes, my painting prof used to always say that he knew I was in class because he could literally hear me painting. You see, I have a tendency to dig my brushes into the surface of the canvas, a sensation and sound I quite enjoy.”

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Mixed Media on Board
28 X 46 in
Oil on Canvas
30 X 48 in
Mixed Media on Canvas
63.5 X 48 in