DIDEM YAGCI As an inquisitive international artist, Didem Yagci emphasizes the purpose of human existence in her artwork. She questions deeply, in philosophical and artistic terms, the universal reality of our existence on the path of evolution that we experience in this lifetime. Believing that there is a divine system that everyone is involved in, Yagci produces layered sculptures with the idea that the experiences in our lives are steps that carry us from one place to another, and that this experience progresses in infinite cycles.

The awareness that we gain from the circumstances and people we experience in our lives contributes to our evolution. When we change our point of view, a new behavior emerges, and this new level of awareness takes us to the next level in our life journey. Thus, we no longer experience the same circumstances and people. The overlapping, repetitive, twisting, and intersecting layers seen in Yagci's works refer to this cycle through the careful use of materials and colors.

Optical illusions and geometric forms, created by using wood and plaster with a unique technique and color selection, express the achievements of a person on her inner journey in an abstract and metaphorical way.

After graduating from the Department of Chemistry at Bosphorus University, Yagci received a European Union Scholarship (2010) and studied Contemporary Art and Design at the London College of Fashion. She produces 3D abstract forms by combining her artistic talent with science and analytical perspective, adding her experience & vision she has gained from business life.

Yagci has participated in many group exhibitions, projects, and fairs internationally in Miami, Chicago, Connecticut, Houston, Dallas, New York, Dubai, London, Paris, and Dublin, holding many solo exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkiye. Her works are in many international private collections. During her education in England, her works were exhibited on the billboards of Regent Park Underground Station simultaneously with the Frieze London Fair. The artist continues her creation of art and projects, both in domestic and international platforms, in her studios.

Acrylic on Wood
47.5 X 47.5 X 3 in
Acrylic On Wood
13 X 11 X 6 in