LUCRECIA WAGGONER “Throughout my life, my ceramics have been the expression of what touches my soul”- Lucrecia Waggoner.
Expression through meditative artistic creation is the cornerstone of Waggoners' experience, but there was a long road, which took many years to produce this poignant outlook.

Lucrecia was born and raised in Mexico City. Waggoners' artistic aptitude was noticed as she took classes in ceramics at the National Anthropological Museum, beginning her ceramic training at age 7. Waggoner went on to study at Parsons school of design, she also took courses in Mexico City, Cannes, France, Germany, and Hong Kong, China, where her love of simplicity and eastern esthetics began.

What is most notable about Lucrecia Waggoner is her passion and adaptability. In 1998 she and her husband moved to Houston, Texas, where they welcomed their first child. Unable to work, Waggoner spent her time volunteering and teaching ceramics. She would always find a way to create art in one capacity or another. Moving to Dallas, Texas brought her to SMU, where she studied ceramics at the Meadows School of the Arts. This chapter of her life challenged her artistically and personally to grow her practice, all while raising a young family in a foreign place.

Waggoners' artistic view has been shaped by her travels and identity. She finds beauty in simplicity, and meditation in the repetitive, meticulous artistic process she has cultivated for 45 years. Growing up in Mexico, she was always drawn to the exciting, eclectic, and bazaar art world, but with maturity, has found a much more rewarding and unexpected depth in simplicity. The porcelain medium is a conductor of this peaceful feeling, which Waggoner feels empowered by. Over time as her studio has grown, Waggoner has exhibited at many international art fairs such as Context, Art Miami, and the 4th Biennale of Ceramics CDMX. Her work has been placed both privately and publicly all over the world.

Waggoner has exhibited resilience, strength, and an unwavering passion for her art. Newcomer turned pillar of her community, mother turned businesswoman, and student turned master. These are the evolutions Waggoner has gone through proving time and time again a woman’s story is her own.

Natural Porcelain and Moonleaf Gold
60 X 144 X 7 in