RAPHAELLE SEGUIN Raphaëlle Séguin was born in Montréal, Quebec. From an early age, she enjoyed doodling, painting and making pottery. Séguin studied art at Lionel-Groulx College and graduated with a focus in design from "Cégep du Vieux-Montreal."

Séguin explored her fascination with people’s faces via her passion for the visual arts and graphic design. The face, she believes, can communicate the most about a person. Séguin draws inspiration from the different people she meets in her everyday life. To create her characters, she likes to play with the different shapes, volumes, colors and accessories to give them an original and unique personality. She loves to bring a silly side to her portraits.

Her artwork is a breath of fresh air, a candid snap shot, and lighthearted. In many ways Séguin’s caricatures are reflections of her spirit - young, playful, colorful and fun. She finds that similar to how she can be found in each portrait, each person can find someone they know, love or want to be.

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Mixed Media on Canvas
59.5 X 47.5 in