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Artwork to Dream About

Looking for a relaxing statement piece for above your bed? Look no further than these two pieces our consultants picked for this cozy, modern bedroom.


Another Reprieve by Joseph Adolphe connects well with the style of this contemporary bedroom. The Canadian born artist incorporates color and familiar landscapes thoughtfully into his work, fully utilizing the properties of oil paints on his canvas. The idea within the gently falling form, or fabric, is that “Everything will be okay.”  What a comforting thought to fall asleep with every night. 


Joseph Adolphe, Another Reprieve, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 45inches

Joseph Adolphe: View more Work | Inside the Studio | On the Wall


Christopher Peter’s Dream Pieces Silhouette I is the perfect complement to the soothing atmosphere of the bedroom. I love how the artwork draws the eye and provides a beautiful focal point in this peaceful room.


Christopher Peter, Dream Pieces: Silhouette I, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50 x 42 inches

Christopher Peter: View more Work | Inside the Studio | On the Wall