New Arrivals: Westlake, Skillicorn, Weaser

As the vibrant colors of spring begin to emerge and the air fills with the promise of renewal, our gallery is excited to share some of our recent acquisitions. Join us as we celebrate the arrival of spring and these latest works.



Wendy Westlake, Invitation, Acrylic on Canvas, 62 x 62 inches Framed


Westlake’s Invitation is reminiscent of a garden in bloom. Soft shades of pink and green intermingle with bold strokes of black, creating a dynamic contrast. The harmonious layering of transparent color invites viewers to immerse themselves in a tranquil yet mesmerizing piece.

See more work by Wendy Westlake


Harmonia 18-2

David Skillicorn, Harmonia 18-2, Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 50 inches Framed


In this captivating artwork, bold complementary colors collide with soothing texture and brush strokes. Despite the dynamic interplay of colors, there exists a serene  energy, drawing the viewer into a state of contemplation and introspection.

See more work by David Skillicorn


Blue Escape

Audra Weaser, Blue Escape, Mixed Media on Panel, 40 x 60 inches


This captivating piece calls to mind a watery landscape, channeling nature’s serene beauty through its luminous surface. Weaser’s subtle variations in color evoke the shifting hues of light dancing upon the water’s surface.

See more work by Audra Weaser


Work with one of our art consultants to find the perfect piece for your space: Schedule a complimentary consultation.

New Arrivals from Shivani Dugar

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of new artwork by Shivani Dugar. In these most recent works, she continues to showcase her appreciation for nature. Shivani has said she wants her viewers to experience the light as it enlivens the landscape, allowing them to embrace each mystical moment with hopeful wonderment, and she certainly has accomplished that in these new pieces.

Shivani Dugar, The Reservoir, Oil on Canvas, 53 x 53 inches


In Dugar’s The Reservoir, the interplay of warm colors invites contemplation and reflection, evoking a deep connection to nature’s ever-changing beauty. With each brushstroke, the canvas comes alive, capturing the essence of a sun-drenched atmosphere and infusing the room with an undeniable sense of serenity.

Shivani Dugar, The Boathouse, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 26 inches framed


This mesmerizing piece invites viewers into a world of calm and tranquility, where shades of cool blues and gentle greens wash over the canvas like the ebb and flow of a the ocean’s tide. Each brushstroke evokes the soothing sensation of water, creating a sense of fluidity and peace.

Shivani Dugar, Conversations with the Clouds, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 72 inches


Conversations with the Clouds depicts an ethereal dreamscape where hues of greens, blues, and yellows intertwine to create an atmosphere reminiscent of drifting clouds. Each brushstroke is imbued with a richness that mirrors the depth and texture of the ever-changing sky, inviting observers to lose themselves in its boundless expanse.


Learn more about Shivani Dugar I View more of her work.


Exploring the Fusion of Fine Art and Graffiti

Rose Masterpol, Alpha, Mixed Media on Canvas, 72 x 64 inches


In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art, artists continue to embrace the rebellious spirit and raw energy of graffiti, transforming urban expressions into gallery masterpieces. These creators weave a narrative that extends beyond spray-painted tags, utilizing graffiti’s bold aesthetic to challenge conventions, infuse vibrancy, and spark dialogue.

This symbiotic relationship between contemporary artists and graffiti not only revitalizes the art scene but also blurs the boundaries between fine art and street art, inviting audiences to witness a captivating fusion of rebellious authenticity and refined creativity.


Chromatic Reverie

Rose Masterpol, Higher Power, Mixed Media on Canvas, 32 x 76 inches Framed


In Alpha and Higher Power, from Rose Masterpol’s Freedom series, the artist’s bold and dynamic markings are reminiscent of graffiti’s rebellious spirit as they leap across the surface, giving the works a sense of unbridled movement.

View more work by Masterpol | Read about what inspires Masterpol


Neon Brilliance

Amber Goldhammer, The Love Parade Marches On, Mixed Media with Neon on Wood, 60 x 60 inches


In Amber Goldhammer’s The Love Parade Marches On, a neon “I love you” emerges, glowing like a beacon of emotion amidst the layered background of graffiti messages, heart motifs, and dripping paint.

View more work by Goldhammer | See inside the artist’s studio


Origami Meets Graffiti

Nathalie Boissonnault, Happiness is On My Kick Scooter, Mixed Media on Canvas, 50.5 x 38.5 inches Framed


In Happiness is on My Kick Scooter, layers of vibrant graffiti, reminiscent of street art, intertwine with printed text, creating a textured canvas. Splatters of paint cascade across the composition, injecting an element of spontaneity and movement.

View more work by Boissonnault | Learn about her use of symbolism


Work with one of our art consultants to find the perfect piece for your space: Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Introducing Lori Cozen-Geller

As we enter the new year, we’re excited to share that we will be representing the work of acclaimed artist Lori Cozen-Geller.

Cozen-Geller seeks to provoke not our recognition of her specific impetus, but our grasp of form itself in the emotional context she gives it. In this respect, she breaks with minimalism and harks back to an earlier attitude about abstraction: the belief, maintained by the very inventors of abstract art, that, rather than telling stories, providing decoration, or physically defining space and substance, abstraction invokes sensation. What we see, Lori Cozen-Geller believes, is what we feel.

—Peter Frank, Art Critic


Lori Cozen-Geller is a California based artist known for her work as a finish fetish minimalist. Finish Fetish refers to an art movement that emerged in Southern California in the 1960s, primarily associated with a group of artists who were influenced by the sleek, polished aesthetic found in industrial and commercial finishes.

Cozen-Geller’s choice to finish her sculptures with high gloss automotive paint comes from a more personal place — her first work of art was conceived while grieving the loss of her beloved father, and the paint became a way to honor him and his passion for exotic cars. This blend of visually striking minimalism permeated with deep and complex human emotions is what makes Cozen-Geller’s work so unique.


Lori Cozen-Geller, Compatability, Blue
High Gloss Automotive Paint on Wood and Laminate, 48 x 24 x 4 inches


Compatibility speaks of finding balance in one’s life with regards to relationships. Individuality matched with perfect alignment is the message. Within a relationship, whether it is with a lover, business partner, or friend, finding the balance between maintaining one’s individuality while aligning with another’s views or emotions is a delicate task.


In regard to her philosophy on how she lives her life, Cozen-Geller says, “What would it feel like to take the negative feelings and negative influences and the powers that are around me and that are eating and driving at us, and moving them out into the air, creating an open void which could then be filled with positive thoughts.”

This life philosophy is visualized in some of her work that include open spaces, to allow “openness for positive to come in”.


Lori Cozen-Geller, Piece, Red
High Gloss Automotive Paint on Wood and Laminate, 24 X 24 2.25 inches


Cozen-Geller’s personal experiences form the inspiration behind her sculptures, but the work is more focused on the universal emotions shared by mankind, regardless of our life circumstances. For example, Piece, Red, the first sculpture she ever created, illustrates feelings of love and loss, while the Chatterboxes shown below represent human connection, and the innate need for us to connect through language.

Lori Cozen-Geller, Chatterbox
Polished Stainless Steel, 5 X 5 X 5 inches

View more of Lori Cozen-Geller’s work or Contact your nearest gallery for more information about these pieces.

2024’s Pantone Color Announced!

In a much-anticipated annual revelation that sets the tone for design, fashion, and creative expressions globally, Pantone has officially unveiled its Color of the Year for 2024 as Peach Fuzz.

“Peach Fuzz captures our desire to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body, and soul.”

We’re excited to share a few pieces from our collection that incorporate this year’s color, which manages to be feel both friendly and sophisticated.


Vibrant Illumination

Takefumi Hori, Gold and Color No. 136, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24.5 x 24.5″ Framed

Sophisticated but welcoming, this peach tone adds another touch of warmth to Hori’s beautifully layered work.

View More Work By Takefumi Hori


A Serene Palette

David Skillicorn, Botanica 15-2, Mixed Media on Canvas, 49.5 x 73.5″ Framed


You can feel the gentle airiness of Peach Fuzz when juxtaposed with darker tones in Skillicorn’s lively abstract floral painting.

View More Work By David Skillicorn


Peach & Blues Harmony

Jeff Erickson, On the Water XIX Morning Sail, Oil on Wax on Panel, 26 x 26″ Framed


Peach Fuzz was chosen for its ability to inspire moments of peace, reflection, and creativity — perhaps a quiet moment “On the Water.”

View More Work by Jeff Erickson


Capturing Light

Amy Donaldson, Shades of Light, Oil on Canvas, 62 x 62″ Framed


Somewhere between pink and orange, the hue is sensitive and poetic but also makes a strong impact, much like Donaldson’s striking piece Shades of Light.

View More Work by Amy Donaldson


Peachy Coral Fusion

Christopher Peter, Flowing Cameo XII, Mixed Media on Panel, 26 x 26″ Framed


Peach Fuzz is “centered in the human experience of enriching and nurturing the mind, body, and soul.” You can see this idea reflected in Peter’s serene figure containing hints of peach swirled with warm, earthy tones and textures.

View More Work by Christopher Peter


A Soft Glow of Color

Tom Chambers, Late for Dinner, Photograph on Aluminum, 50 x 50″ Framed

Chambers’ atmospheric photomontage highlights the airiness and romance of Peach Fuzz. The little girl running to dinner may be seen as a symbol of hope and togetherness in a time when “our need for nurturing, empathy and compassion grows ever stronger as does our imaginings of a more peaceful future.”

View More Work by Tom Chambers

Why Pantone Selected Peach Fuzz | Go Behind the Scenes at Pantone


New Year, New Art!

We’re celebrating the new year by unveiling a few of our latest acquisitions! These new artworks not only enrich our collection but also symbolize a fresh start. Join us in ushering in the new year with a celebration of these captivating pieces, each a testament to the transformative power of art and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in 2024.


Vivid Flutter

Hunt Slonem, Silver Migration South, Oil on Canvas, 39 x 64″ Framed


In this oil painting by Hunt Stonem, butterflies take flight across a canvas adorned with a patchwork of vibrant hues. The composition weaves a symphony of radiant colors, while butterflies gracefully dance across a mesmerizing backdrop of repetitive paint strokes.

View More Work by Hunt Slonem


Harmony in Green and Blue

David Skillicorn, Harmonia 32-1, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 40″ Framed


There is a serene and tranquil quality to this recent work by David Skillicorn. Skillicorn’s composition is thoughtfully balanced, allowing the eye to effortlessly navigate through the piece. Whether through the subtle interplay of colors or the deliberate arrangement of elements, this art piece serves as a visual retreat, providing solace and a moment of quiet introspection for those who engage with its calming embrace.

View More Work by David Skillicorn


Moody Skies

Charlie Bluett, Skyfall, Acrylic on Canvas, 40 X 40″ Unframed


In this painting by Charlie Bluett, a sea of dark blues engulfs the canvas, creating an atmospheric expanse that draws the viewer into a realm of introspection. Bluett’s brushstrokes convey both the tumultuous and tranquil aspects of the sky, capturing the essence of a moment suspended between storm and serenity.

View More Work by Charlie Bluett


Spontaneity in Gesture and Color

Carly Allen Martin, Where the Skies are Blue Study I, Mixed Media on Linen, 24.5 x 20.5 inches


This piece by Carly Allen Martin showcases her ability to seamlessly compose a dynamic blend of colors, texture, and form into a harmonious celebration of nature’s beauty.

View More Work by Carly Allen Martin


Find a piece that resonates with you: Use our Art Search feature to keep browsing artwork or schedule a consultation.

Visual Storytelling: New Photography Arrivals

Amidst the whirlwind of holiday preparations and as the year comes to a close, these new photographs offer a compelling reason to momentarily step away from the hectic pace of the season and immerse yourself in the world of creativity and expression.

In their own unique styles, Xan Padron, Randal Ford, and Tom Chambers each demonstrate a flair for visual storytelling and a skillful mastery of the lens. See three of our latest arrivals below.


Winter Wonderland

Xan Padron, West Village in the Snow, Photograph on Paper, 30 X 20 inches


In this latest work by Xan Padron, a winter tableau unfolds as individuals navigate their daily tasks amidst a serene blanket of snow. His compilation of photographs captures the poetry of everyday life harmonizing with the tranquil embrace of a snowy day.

View More Work | Behind the Lens with Padron


A Close-Up Portrait

Randal Ford, Frazzle Chicken, Photograph on Aluminum, 32 x 32 inches


Meet Hattie, captured by Randal Ford’s discerning eye. This photograph encapsulates her essence – a harmonious blend of sweetness and sass, frozen in a single, timeless moment that invites admiration and perhaps a chuckle at the delightful spirit of this feathered diva.

View More Work | Check Out This Video of Ford Behind the Scenes


Magical Realism in Visual Narratives

Tom Chambers, Pennants Over Pienza, Photograph on Aluminum, 48 x 48 inches


In this enchanting photomontage by Tom Chambers, reality takes a delightful detour into the whimsical as a woman, seemingly defying the laws of gravity, engages in the charming act of hanging laundry on an exaggerated clothesline. The playful juxtaposition of the mundane chore against the fantastical backdrop not only captivates the viewer but also invites them to reimagine the everyday with a touch of magic.

View more work | See what inspires Chambers

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A Curation of Figurative Works

Figurative artwork has the ability to convey emotions, tell stories, and evoke sentiment, making it an engaging choice for your living spaces. From traditional to contemporary, art representing the human figure transcends eras and styles, seamlessly integrating into any home aesthetic.

Take a look at a few of our recent install shots that show the versatility and impact of figurative art.


Diving In

Geoffrey Gersten, Enjoy, Oil on Canvas, 50 x 30″ Framed

View More Work By Gersten


Kaleidoscope of Color

Parish Kohanim, Paintscapes Study, Photograph on Aluminum, 49 x 47″ Framed


A Layered Beauty

Vinous Kani, Kismet XXXXI, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 x 48″

View More Work By Kane



Anke, Boho Girl, Mixed Media on Panel, 60 x 40″

View More Work By Anke


A Vibrant Stroll

Sherry Czekus, Once and Again, Oil on Canvas, 42 x 62″ Framed

View More Work By Czekus


Use our Art Search feature to keep browsing figurative artwork.

New Arrivals from Sherri Belassen

We’re excited about a new group of dynamic paintings by Sherri Belassen that recently arrived in our galleries. In her newest works, Belassen depicts a range of subject matter with vibrant colors and exaggerated, dream-like proportions. As always, Belassen creates unique compositions with her use of negative space, layering, repetition, brush marks, and palette knife scraping.

A Swath of Blue

Sherri Belassen, Cloudy Vision, Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60″


In Cloudy Vision, Belassen’s use of negative space creates a feeling of vast openness. The bull’s stance projects an aura of quiet strength; he becomes one with his surroundings as his horns curve over the terrain in the background and his hooves soften into the land below. Belassen uses repetition throughout the piece, with variation in shape and texture, to depict the clouds as well as the bull’s mottled markings.


Bold Contrast in Color

Sherri Belassen, Push Play, Oil on Canvas, 54 x 74″ Framed


Push Play captures a moment of carefree joy, suspended in time. The light blue expanse of sky stretches out across the entire canvas, providing a boundless backdrop to this whimsical dance with gravity.


A Whimsical Garden

Sherri Belassen, Soil Tiles, Oil in Canvas, 38 x 50″ Framed


In this piece, Belassen features oversized, playful flowers against a patchwork of colors. Each petal varies with texture, adding a liveliness and unique dynamic to the composition.

Learn more about Sherri Belassen or browse additional new arrivals


Insider Edit: What Tara’s Loving

It is a privilege to be surrounded by beauty and color here in the Haverford gallery. As an art consultant, I hope to share this very experience with every visitor.

The wonder of art is that it speaks to the soul day after day, and the right piece brings joy to our clients that lasts. In many ways we choose the art that surrounds us but more often, art chooses us—it speaks to us, it calls us by name, and it gives our eyes and hearts a place to rest.

Joseph Adolphe, A Message from Home No. 2, Oil on Canvas, 80 X 70 in


Joseph Adolphe | A Message From Home No. 2

The first time I stood in front of this painting, the word “benevolence” came to mind. This piece seems to speak to the mystery of how we find ourselves where we are, how we grow in wisdom as well as fragility. It recalls me to my need to be known and for my life to be carried in bigger hands than my own. With his bold brushstrokes, Joseph Adolphe draws us into an enigmatic teal sky with a gently floating message. What is that message for you?

View more work by Adolphe


Carly Allen Martin, The Botanist in Cobalt, Mixed Media on Panel, 61.5 X 61.5 Framed


Carly Allen Martin | The Botanist in Cobalt

This painting has such a free spirited, joyful presence in our gallery! But just behind the quick hand and youthful energy, one finds a deep cobalt blue background, a sort of gravity that enters the dance. Shades of violet punctuate the edge of the brush strokes, guiding our eye in a circular path towards an amethyst pool in the center of the piece—my favorite touch of the artist, as amethyst is long known for clarity, peace and intuition. What a juxtaposition amidst the flurry of color! But isn’t this how we often experience joy, alongside other emotions that ground us and keep us craving depth and meaning? Carly Allen Martin captures all of this in her art.

View more work by Allen Martin


Alexander Sheversky, Red Tulips, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60 in Framed


Alexander Sheversky | Red Tulips

A sultry, moody, rich black velvety canvas is the backdrop to springy tulips at the peak of freshness—a perfect example of classic still life paintings, reminding me all at once of the vibrancy and the transience of life. In this moment, the reds and peachy creams of the tulips seem to jump off the canvas. This painting evokes in me a feeling of gratitude for the beauty and abundance of the now, and a deep appreciation for all that bursts with life around me every day.

View more work by Sheversky

Enhancing a Focal Point

While we’re always sad to see summer go, we also can’t help but look forward to fall weather and all that it entails — like cozying up next to the fireplace with a warm drink and some friends.

Typically, a fireplace already feels like a focal point and hanging a beautiful piece of artwork above it is a great way to emphasize it in your space. Check out a few of our recent art installs over fireplaces below.


Dennis Campay

Dennis Campay, The Crossing, Mixed Media on Panel, 42 x 51 inches
View More of Campay’s Work | In the Artist’s Studio


Liz Barber

Liz Barber, Delphinium, Mixed Media on Canvas, 32 x 62 inches
View More of Barber’s Work | In the Artist’s Studio


Joseph Adolphe

Joseph Adolphe, A Whisper, Oil on Canvas, 38.5 x 45 inches
View More of Adolphe’s Work | In the Artist’s Studio



Exploring Mixed Media

Medium can play a significant part in the overall feel of a piece, and each one may speak to you differently. A look through our collection will reveal a wide range of artist materials including oil, charcoal, pastel, photography, bronze, fabric, graphite, ceramic, steel, and more. Many of our artists work in mixed media, a combination of more than one medium that can create a visually rich and dynamic piece.

Mixed media was first employed “around 1912 with the cubist collages and constructions of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, and [became] widespread as artists developed increasingly open attitudes to the media of art.” During this time period there was this exciting realization that, “essentially art can be made of anything or any combination of things.”Tate Museum

Below we’ve highlighted a few artists from our collection that use mixed media to infuse their work with visual and conceptual complexity.



Mediums: Acrylic paint, glue, and hand-cut paper

Maura Segal’s work will draw your eye in for a closer examination as you discover the hand-cut shapes which add a layer of dimension. These cut pieces are subtle at first glance but have an element of surprise when discovered and create a minimalistic texture that changes intensity depending on the light the piece receives. The ultra-fine, long continuous line is also made of thinly cut paper.


Maura Segal, Dragonfly, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 X 50 inches


See more work by Segal.
Watch Segal’s process.






Mediums: fabric, hand-made papers, paint, gesso, and graphite

When Mersuka Dopazo isn’t painting, she is collecting textiles from around the world, a lot of them vintage. She incorporates these textiles in unique and surprising ways, not only using them for clothing but other elements in her pieces as well. She also integrates hand-made, natural papers, and children’s drawings.


Mersuka Depazo, Black & White in the 60’s, Mixed Media on Canvas, 87.5 X 73 inches


See more work by Dopazo.
Learn more about Dopazo and her process.




Dennis Campay


Mediums: paint, graphite, oil pastel, and metal

Dennis Campay layers many different mediums into his work to create his expressive compositions. Working with board as a foundation, he’s able to include oil pastel, graphite, charcoal, screws and fine pieces of metal.


Dennis Campay, Three Divas, Mixed Media on Panel, 50 X 62 inches


See more work by Campay
Watch a day in the life with Campay






Mediums: paint and cotton embroidery thread

Raul de la Torre says that his work represents relationships and how certain people in our lives feel like they are part of our DNA. His pieces represent that idea through his use of embroidery. The threads mimic the paint that he moves down the canvas, highlighting many times how one color bleeds through another.


Raul De La Torre, Brooklyn: Enamored of its Blues, Mixed Media on Canvas, 15 X 12 inches


See more work by De La Torre
Read about what inspires De La Torre


Contact the gallery if you’d like more details. Each gallery’s art consultants are available to share more about any of the pieces in our collection.

Hand Carved Framing with Marcie

At Merritt Gallery, we have a wide selection of frames, ranging from traditional to modern. In this video, Marcie selects a few of our unique hand-carved options to pair with Joseph Adolphe’s oil painting Equus No. 10.

When thinking of hand-carved frames, we may tend to picture something heavily ornate in style. While we love and carry many gorgeous ornately-styled hand-carved frames, Marcie does a great job of showcasing a few of our additional style options.


Although these four stunning selections are very different, they all do a wonderful job of elevating Adolphe’s piece. Which do you prefer? We’re always excited to see what speaks most to you and the work of art.

Contact us to arrange a custom framing appointment for your piece.
View more work by Joseph Adolphe.

The Art of Rehanging the Gallery

Switching up the mood on this Haverford gallery wall


Art on the Move

From a practical standpoint, rehanging the gallery is an opportunity to showcase the many artists’ fantastic works that we have at Merritt Gallery. Because we offer in-home consultations and art showings for local clients, our gallery installations are anything but permanent. And as we share inventory between our three locations, the artwork is constantly on the move between Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia.

Dance With Me by Charlie Bluett paired with Kadee Craft’s Colorfast series in Baltimore


The Process

The gallery needs to look cohesive and fresh, but we also strive for a variety of sizes, mediums, and representation for as many artists as possible.

For Mina, Chevy Chase’s Gallery Director, rehanging the gallery is a passion. When considering how she wants to lay out the gallery, she likes to have a story to tell. She says,

“Whether it’s the color palette, subject matter or style, I look for some sort of connect. Maybe I’ll have a canvas up and place a sculpture next to it. It’s to excite the eye. And sometimes the eye needs a place to rest, so a little negative space is important.”


Sherri Belassen’s A World Away, paired with three Nina Jun sculptures in Chevy Chase


The feel of a piece can change when placed next to different artwork. Our galleries are constantly changing and with that comes the chance to see the same work through a different lens or something completely different.

Tips On How To Create A Gallery Wall

If you’ve curated an array of beautiful artwork and are looking for a way to showcase it in your home, a gallery wall can be a fantastic option. They’re a great focal point for any room and perfect for someone with an eclectic mix of artwork.

As wonderful as they are, gallery walls can feel like a daunting puzzle to assemble, so we’ve put together a few tips to help get you started.


1) Variation is Key

Consider varying either subject matter, framing, size, or medium to increase visual interest.


2) Stick to Odd Numbers

Choose an odd number of pieces to help create a more dynamic layout.



3) Consistent spacing

While you’ll be varying other aspects of your gallery wall, make sure to the spacing between pieces consistent for a visually pleasing layout. Include an internal axis to have a feeling of cohesiveness.

4) Test it Out

Once you’ve selected the pieces you’d like to use, do a rough sketch with a pencil and paper. When you feel good about the sketch, lay the artwork out on the floor or create a mockup on the wall to get a better sense of how it will work. It will save you a lot of time!

Viva Magenta: Pantone Color of the Year

Rose Masterpol, Mood Board, Acrylic on Canvas, 61.5 X 61.5 Framed

View More Work By Masterpol


Pantone has announced the very vibrant Viva Magenta as the color of 2023 — a color that Pantone describes as ‘brave and fearless’, a shade that ‘promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration’.

Incorporating artwork with this color can serve as a stand-out conversation piece, while creating an uplifting feeling in your home.

We’ve selected a few pieces from the collection that showcase this fun and powerful color.


Mersuka Dopazo, Black & White in the 60’s, Mixed Media on Canvas, 87.5 X 73 Framed

View More Work By Dopazo


Hunt Slonem, Hortencia, Oil on Wood, 15 x 13 in Framed

View More Work By Slonem


Beatriz Simon, Poem with Neon I, Mixed Media on Canvas, 58 X 58 in

View More Work By Simon


Paula Urzica, Twelve Macrons 4, Oil on Canvas, 33 X 41 in Framed

View More Work By Urzica


Joseph Adolphe, A Vision, Oil on Canvas, 65 x 78 in

View More Work By Adolphe


Aron Hill, A Joyful Home with Magenta and Red with Yellow Roof, Acrylic on Canvas, 31.5 x 25.5 Framed

View More Work By Hill


View more magenta and red works from our collection.

A Few Favorites From 2022

As we look back on 2022, we find ourselves reflecting on our many art installations. We’re lucky to have worked with such wonderful artists, designers and clients. Here are a few of our favorite spaces.


Playful Pop Art

Craig Alan, Know How Assembly, Mixed Media on Board

View More Work By Alan


A Super Sheversky

Alexander Sheversky, Super Blow Pop Strawberry, Oil on Canvas

Interior design by Wolfington Interiors
View More Work By Sheversky


Keeping it Cozy

Eric Abrecht, Beginning Thaw, Mixed Media on Panel

View More Work By Abrecht


Dining in Style

April Midkiff, Unite 1, Acrylic on Canvas

Interior design by Catherine Ebert, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg
View More Work by Midkiff


Got the Blues

Maura Segal, French Bistro, Mixed Media on Canvas

View More Work By Segal 


Devine Intervention

Matt Devine, 1984 #3, Powdercoated Steel

Interior Design by Erica Burns Interiors, Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg
View More Work By Devine


Feeling Surreal

Joseph Adolphe, Another Memory, Oil on Canvas, 65 x 78 in

View More Work by Adolphe


A Captivating Collection

Gavin Benjamin, Heads of State No. 8, Mixed Media on Board; Amber Goldhammer, Let’s Go to the Fields of Love, Mixed Media on Canvas

Interior Design by Barbara Noguera 
View More Work by Benjamin
View More Work by Goldhammer