jd Hansen: Capturing Life in Bronze


California-based sculptor jd Hansen continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of contemporary aesthetics and organic inspiration. Her portfolio spans from intimate sculptures that enhance any home collection to monumental 10-foot installations showcased in prestigious locations like her newest installation of three 10-foot sculptures at the Four Seasons in Florence, Italy.



Working with bronze, Hansen’s sculptures elicit powerful emotions through her masterful manipulation of form and figures. Her art reflects a deep understanding of movement and the subtleties of the human anatomy. Despite the robust medium of bronze, Hansen’s pieces retain a delicate quality. She has an incredible ability to portray movement in pieces that are completely stationary.



Hansen begins her sculptures in clay and wax, working with a foundry to then cast them in bonze using a process called “lost wax” casting. Hansen’s hands-on approach explores the tactile qualities of materials like wax and bronze. Each sculpture evolves through iterations, refining shapes and textures to convey emotion. Her final pieces can range in texture from smooth and polished to rough and irregular.  Through this methodical journey, Hansen’s sculptures reflect her artistic vision and exploration of the human form.



Through her artwork, jd Hansen beckons viewers to appreciate the beauty inherent in the human form and the natural world. Exploring themes of human psychology and non-verbal communication, her bronze installations serve as poignant reflections for contemplation and enjoyment across global settings.


Spiegel Im Spiegel, Bronze, 35 x 21 x 11 inches


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