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Beatriz Simón: Dimitte

Beatriz Simon, Dimitte, Mixed Media on Canvas, 59 x 59 inches


In a passionate exploration of surface and symbolism, Beatriz Simon’s Dimitte is emotional and curious. Crimson spheres and white orbs float throughout a hazy atmosphere of neutrals. This circular shape is present throughout the composition, emphasizing the artist’s process of layering paint to obscure and reveal the surface. In this piece, the spheres also work to silhouette the muse whose posture is both welcoming and vigilant. Simon’s work is deep with meaning. With Dimitte, Simon suggests you leave behind what you no longer need, what no longer serves you, that instead of helping you hinders you. Simon’s artistic presence can be felt through the marks that outline this figure, as well as in the drips, lines, and dots that dance around the canvas. Dimitte emits warmth and curiosity through symbolism, shape, color, and texture.

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