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Beatriz Simon: House, Window, & Sun

Beatriz Simon, House, Window, & Sun, Mixed Media on Canvas


Previously on display at the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles, this triptych plays with ideas about where one finds acceptance and love. Like much of her work, Beatriz Simon’s House, Window, & Sun explores the human instinct to protect and nourish loved ones. And just as the exterior architecture of a house hides all of the hectic activities within, the simplicity of this piece is only an illusion. Her distinctive use of contour line, a dreamy color palette, and three separate canvases allow one to play with the composition and make it personal.

Beatriz Simon suggests reflecting upon shared love and familial memories to truly make this “house” a “home.”

Sun, Mixed Media on Canvas, 9.75 × 9.75 inches


Window, Mixed Media on Canvas, 13.75 × 13.75 inches



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