Category: New Acquisitions

Ben Schwab: Facades

Ben Schwab, Facades, Oil on Canvas, 60 × 60 in.


To construct a complex cityscape like Facades, Ben Schwab works with multiple source images, manipulated and broken down into sections of color. He then layers these sections to create a dynamic abstract composition. All of the tiny fragments come together, vibrating with the energy of the city, to form a complex three-dimensional image.

Schwab contrasts vibrant colors with areas of white space, giving the piece a sense of movement and depth.



Facades creates a unique experience for the viewer. View the canvas up close to take in all of the details, and then stand back and let your eye fit the pieces together like a puzzle. This interaction with the work makes it a powerful addition to any contemporary space.



In a detail of Facades, you can see a sample of the lively shapes and lines that comprise the cityscape. Contact the gallery to view Ben Schwab’s work in person.