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Bringing Summer Inside

Taking a reprieve from the sun doesn’t have to be boring, so why leave summer outside? As we settle into the routine of warm, sunny days, here are a few pieces that say summer is here to stay.


On Board For Belassen

Sherri Belassen, Vision Board, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 72 inches


Connect with a piece that transcends all ages while maintaining an elevated edge. Belassen’s technique involves the deep, rich layering of oil paint preserved by a high lacquer finish. The intensive technique allows for Belassen to carve through and expose multiple layers within the piece. Her work calls to the sophisticated collector calls to the while the subject is a draw for all wanting to keep the summer activities going.

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Burning for Burdeny

David Burdeny, Bank (Reimagined) Wroclaw, Poland, Photograph on Aluminum, 41.5 x 33.5 inches


Sometimes we need a taste of life abroad, and David Burdeny brings a fun splash of international escape through his photographs. Burdeny composes his images with symmetry and harmony, creating idyllic scenes that feel like they’re from another time.

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Serenity in Sills

John Brandon Sills, Summer Clouds, Oil on Canvas, 38.5 x 50.5


The crisp blues and skillful rendering of light and atmosphere in this John Brandon Sills elicit the joyous, warmth of summer. Juxtaposed with the tranquil balance of soft clouds makes this the ultimate transitional piece.

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Beauty in Bluett

Charlie Bluett, The Glass Collector, Acrylic on Canvas, 46 x 72


Inspired by leisurely walks collecting beach glass, this sophisticated Charlie Bluett is irresistible for any coastal escape. Bluett’s unique style involves multiple layerings of translucent color, often pulling from a variety of natural elements that capture the essence of Earth’s vast outdoor environments. The body of work is vibrant yet fluid, with subtle, but impactful movement for a seamlessly peaceful transition from out to in.

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Oh My, O’Malia

Carol O’Malia, Ruby Reflections, Oil on Panel, 50 x 50 inches


Fun and games don’t have to stop outside — let them bounce indoors with Carol O’Malia’s Ruby Reflections. As indicated by O’Malia’s detailed works, each piece often hyper fixates on the specific, ephemeral moments that are often overlooked. One look at Ruby Reflections and the sweet memories of beach games come flooding back.

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