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Bunnies, Butterflies, and more, Oh my!

Hunt Slonem continues to surprise us with his creativity; his variety of mediums and techniques constantly evolve. He has expanded his body of work to include neon sculptures, bronze, glass, and much more. Slonem’s pieces never fail to add a touch of whimsy to any space. Check out some of our recent installs featuring Hunt Slonem’s bunnies and butterflies.

Make sure to visit our exhibition Hunt Slonem: Through the Looking Glassshowing synchronously in our three gallery locations until November 6th.  It’s a truly incredible collection of paintings and sculpture, capturing the whimsical, spiritual essence of the Hunt Slonem. You may be inspired to leave with a piece for your own home!

Hunt Slonem, Night Shade, Oil and Acrylic with Diamond Dust, 31.5 x 31.5 inches Framed


Slonem’s Night Shade adds a scintillating contrast in this modern dining area. The artist used diamond dust to add a unique dimension to this piece which undoubtedly plays brilliantly with this bright space. 

Hunt Slonem has been painting his signature bunnies since the 1970’s: “It started out with my paintings of saints, and I often put rabbits at the feet of the saint, for reasons I can’t even tell you. I just like the groupings and the way they work together. It’s just something that sticks. Sometimes the simplest thing that you do is the greatest thing you do.”


Hunt Slonem, Blue Hutch, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 36 inches


Another bunny painting recently found a home in this cheerful living room. Nestled perfectly into the built-in shelving, Blue Hutch pairs well with the calming blues and greens throughout the space.

Painting these bunnies has become a part of the artist’s daily life. He paints them as a “warm up” to begin his day. Slonem’s fascination with bunnies grew when discovered he was born in the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac.


Hunt Slonem, Three, Oil on Wood, 16.75 x 14.75 inches Framed


Pink Butterflies includes an antique frame provided by the artist himself. This piece charms the space, subtly echoing the pink hues in the adjacent room. Slonem has other signature imagery aside from bunnies, which include butterflies like these, exotic birds, Queen Elizabeth, and Abraham Lincoln. 

His subject matter varies and his color palette can be bold, shimmering and/or dramatic. Having spent various parts of his young life in places like Hawaii, Nicaragua, and Mexico, Hunt Slonem’s work is influenced by his myriad of experiences. It is compelling to view his body of work as a glorious tapestry with threads of his life woven throughout.


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