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Casa Vita: 3 Art Ideas For A Soothing Bedroom

Designing a bedroom is all about composing a personal oasis – whether that’s tranquil, romantic, or playful. For this particular design, I wanted to create an elegant space with modern details. A warm, yet neutral, color palette and comfy textures come together to form a relaxing retreat.

Take a look at three ideas for artwork that could enhance this soothing space.

I chose this mid-century inspired pair by Wendy Westlake to bring in a gentle dose of color. The soft pastels and organic shapes are eye-catching, but understated.

Wendy Westlake, Receding Swell and Rising Swell, Mixed Media on Canvas, 34 × 34 inches
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Although I would place these Carol O’Malia pillows in any room of a house, they’re undeniably perfect for the bedroom! Contrasting the soft tones of the other elements, this still life makes a dramatic statement with rich blacks and blues.

Carol O’Malia, I Can’t Tell One From the Other, Oil on Canvas, 36 × 60 inches
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David Burdeny’s photograph of fishing nets in China has a quiet stillness that works well with the peaceful atmosphere of this design. I love adding a work of art that transports you to a completely different world.

David Burdeny, Nets Studio 5, China, Archival Pigment Print, 32 × 64 inches
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