Category: Room With A View

Cheerful City Oasis

This urban bedroom designed by Stephanie Bradshaw is a relaxed, light-filled retreat in the city. The space is airy with lofty, high ceilings. We thought it could handle a bold work of art with rich color.

We chose three possible pieces for above the bed that tie in with Bradshaw’s comfortable and luxurious Boho design.



Concept #1

Raul de la Torre, Fils I Colors CCCXCIII, Mixed Media on Canvas, 36 × 72 in.

Raul de la Torre’s saturated hues make a statement on the bedroom’s neutral walls. Embroidered sections added to the canvas complement the textured fabrics found throughout the space.


Concept #2

Alicia Armstrong, Beyond View 5, Oil on Canvas, 40 × 40 in.

Armstrong’s Beyond View 5 offers an abstract alternative to a traditional landscape painting. The layered piece lets you use your imagination and gives the space a sense of depth.


Concept #3

Carol O’Malia, Pile Up, Oil on Canvas, 40 × 30 in.

With high contrast and amazing attention to detail, Pile Up draws you in. It makes a dramatic and dreamy addition to the space.


Interior design by Stephanie Bradshaw and photography by Jennifer Hughes.

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