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Classic Comfort: The Art of Winter

Winter is the season wherein the holiday bustle is subsequently met with relaxing days of post gift giving glow. A unique sensory experience, Winter conjures up memories of crunching snow, smoldering fireplaces, cinnamon & spice filled libations, and cable knit sweaters. There’s a distinct energy to the season; a harmonious balance of embracing the cold and seeking the comfort of warmth. Bring about a sense of winter while enjoying the cozy indoors via art that reflects the cooler season.


Gbatu, “Line of Interest”, Oil on Canvas, 35 x 23 in.


A mountainous landscape brings a sense of adventure to this subdued and comfy den. The earthy elements of the room parallel the theme of the piece, creating a lovely organic and wintry space.


Pritchard, “Point of View”, Pastel on Canvas, 40 x 40 in.


The addition of a white hued floral piece is a surprising winterscape in a plush and layered bedroom. The room’s abundant variant grey color scheme compliments the artwork, while the subtle pinks and inviting fabrics provide a haven to offset the cool temperature of the piece.


Erickson, “All to Myself Series”, Oil and Wax on Panel, 24 x 24 in (each)


The calm presence of a cool hued abstract will add an understated touch of winter to a modern dining room. The pieces allude to the season without being explicit; creating the perfect restful winter setting.