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Color Craze

Art is the perfect way to add color, texture and warmth to any space.  Create envy with a lush landscape or a blooming floral that rivals nature.  Add some blue when you crave relaxation, solitude and peace. Soothe your senses and your living space by choosing the perfect shade of blue.  Neutrals are anything but boring. Adding natural tones will bring a sophistication to your home. 


Tina Palmer’s Lake House transports you to a warm summer day with rich tones of emerald and forest green.





The color palette of Alice Pritchard’s pastel,  All Tulips, is soft and serene, the perfect mix of bright whites and lively greens.





Eric Abrecht’s Foreboding Passage combines sea greens and blues to create a peaceful landscape that brings the outdoors in.




Bright, capri blue is the backdrop for Anke’s whimsical In The Blue Field.





Cobalt blue dances with canary yellow and cherry red in Vitali Miagkov’s Paper Bag in Blue.





In Blue Muse by Charles Dwyer, the artist incorporates multiple shades of blue ranging from soft periwinkle to searing turquoise.





Dennis Carney uses hints of umber with washes of gray and tan to create the fluid abstract that is Meld.





Richard Hall’s Spheres of Influence is a play of light and shadow, creating a focus on order and simplicity.




Fiori by Kuttner emphasizes line with dabs of bright color set against a pale background, creating a contemporary take on a floral painting.