Category: The Final Installation

Conversation Starters

Craig Alan, Populus: Pop Stars, Mixed Media with Resin on Wood, 40 x 40 inches
Ariel Vargassal, Rubber Duckie, Acrylic on Canvas, 37 x 61 inches


What’s not to love about this Ariel Vargassal and Craig Alan pairing? Together, they create a whimsical world where raining rubber ducks and giant balloon animals are the norm — they are quite the conversation starters! While light hearted at first glance, individually these pieces tell a deeper story.

In Rubber Duckie, the figure is sheltering a duckling from the falling rubber duckies under the safety of his umbrella. Vargassal is commenting on the impact that humans have on the environment, while emphasizing the importance of protecting it.

Craig Alan’s Populus: Pop Stars pays homage to the work of sculptor Jeff Koons, known for his large-scale sculptures of everyday objects such as balloon animals. Through this reference, Alan reminds us that art is timeless, taking different forms throughout generations. Furthermore, the overwhelming size of the sculpture within the piece comments on the overall importance of art within our lives.

Interior design by Carol Christens-Barry of Christen-Daniels Interiors

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