Category: Room With A View

Cozy Dining Nook

It’s impossible to deny the charm of a cozy dining nook. With high ceilings, bright fabrics, and bountiful seating, this corner invites you to relax with family and friends or even hang out solo with a cup of coffee. To elevate the space even further, our art consultants Patricia and Laura each chose a piece from the collection.

My selection for this dining nook is Josef Kote’s Trees In the Breeze. Kote’s color palette shines in this space—a happy, sophisticated painting for a happy, sophisticated room.

–Patricia B.

Josef Kote, Trees in the Breeze, Acrylic on Canvas, 33 × 47.5 in.


Marilyn Borglum’s Edward complements the balanced color palette of this banquette. Here, Edward feels like a member of the family, adding a subtle sophistication and elevating the character of the space.

–Laura P.

Marilyn Borglum, Edward, Acrylic on Canvas, 41.5 × 40 in.


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