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David Skillicorn: Botánica

David Skillicorn, Botanica 15-6, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 × 48 inches



“The real purpose of painting is to give pleasure. My work is an expression of joy. Joy in color. Joy in gesture. Joy in the act of creating itself.” 


David Skillicorn, based in New York and Massachusetts, has been creating luminous abstract paintings for more than twenty-five years. Through an intuitive and organic process, his mixed media works on canvas come alive with surface texture, bold strokes, and lush color. Skillicorn shows his work regularly at premiere galleries throughout the country and his paintings are part of innumerable public and private collections.


“I am drawn to abstract painting because it is the most challenging, holds the most mystery for me, and in the end, the most magic.” 


Before turning to painting, Skillicorn had an Emmy award winning career as a documentary filmmaker. It was through film and cinematography that he not only fine-tuned his eye for artistic detail and composition, but uncovered a passion for painting. While filming a story about artists on Cape Cod, Skillicorn was particularly moved by watching one of the painters at work—though it had never occurred to him before, this single experience moved him to become a painter.


Botanica 13-2, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48 × 48 inches


Skillicorn has recently been exploring the complex spatial and color relationships of floral abstracts. Hid Botánica paintings breathe elegance, calm, joy, and exquisite beauty.


Botanica 16-3, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 × 60 inches


Detail of Botanica 16-3


“I know the work is done when I stand back and it hits me all at once as being resolved visually and having a strong sense of presence about it.” 


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