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De La Torre: Fils I Colors

De La Torre, "Fils I Colors CCLXXXIX," Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 45 in.
De La Torre, “Fils I Colors CCLXXXIX,” Mixed Media on Canvas, 30 x 45 in.

Artist Raul De La Torre begins “Fils I Colors” by working in paint, then making cuts on the paper, and then fills the gaps by embroidering with cotton thread. De La Torre explores the contrast of smooth surface versus texture in each work to create a more dynamic composition. De La Torre explains that the embroidery is meant to represent experiences that are a part of our DNA, and that it is also essential that the different combinations of colors represent emotions and interpretations for each individual interacting with the works. Visually striking, his collection breathes energy into a space, meant to inspire a viewer to think and walk away with a certain feeling.  

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