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Dennis Campay: Three Divas

Dennis Campay, Three Divas, Mixed Media on Panel, 48 x 60 inches


In Dennis Campay’s new vibrant and eclectic cityscape, Three Divas, he immerses his viewers in a busy scene of trains, buildings, bridges, rivers, and streets merging with one another. The atmosphere is full of energy, with a sense of movement flowing through the painting.

Campay is able to capture the liveliness of the city through its architecture and dynamic composition. Although the three statues are the only figures we see, you can feel the presence of the city’s dwellers throughout the imagery. Campay’s neutral palette allows the texture and gestural mark-making to come forward, while moments of vibrant color create balance. A true story teller, Campay continues to inspire wonder and curiosity in those who view his work.

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