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Dreaming In Color: Marshall Noice

Marshall Noice explores color, value, and texture in his oil paintings.
Marshall Noice, Warm Light, Hillside, Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches


We were thrilled to read Southwest Art’s feature story on Marshall Noice, featuring “Warm Light, Hillside”. The article explores Noice’s saturated dreamy landscape paintings and delves into the early childhood experiences that shaped Noice as an artist. Additionally, the article explores his interest and experience in other mediums of creative expression like music and photography.

“I long ago accepted my fate. I’m obsessive when it comes to color, and I agonize about color every day and night.” -Marshall Noice


The feature is part of Southwest Art’s June 2020 issue. It investigates Noice’s personal experience of color and how he translates that in his work. Noice describes the “magnetic power” of the color red and how influential it has been in his career. Clearly, Noice’s paintings showcase his interest in how color relationships can influence the perception of a landscape. He likes to see harmony and conflict in the palette, allowing colors to speak independently and at their own volume.

“Sometimes there’s a voice in the back of my artist’s head that shouts, ‘let’s just let those guys duke it out.’ “-Marshall Noice


Photo from @marshallnoicestudio showing his feature story in Southwest Art’s June 2020 Issue.


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