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Dreamy Bedroom Suite

We had the opportunity to install works early from four of our artists in this beautiful, airy bedroom suite! Interior design by Patrick Sutton (in progress.) We will have to come back for final install shots when this dreamy suite is complete!

Audra Weaser, Shimmering Sea, Mixed Media on Panel, 48 × 36 inches


Audra Weaser’s Shimmering Sea hangs adjacent to the luxurious mauve bed. The piece evokes calming imagery of sunshine reflecting off of the water, making it a relaxing sight to wake up to.

Audra Weaser:

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On another wall, we stacked two smaller works by Takefumi Hori. The texture of this pair, which Hori creates through the layering of paint and metal leafing, adds a nice contrast to Weaser’s smooth sanded canvas.

Takefumi Hori:

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A pair by Takefumi Hori, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 × 24 in. each


For the hallway, the client commissioned a series of four gray and white pieces by Maura Segal. The grouping works wonderfully together, creating visual interest in the space with their unique paper details and playful lines.

Maura Segal:

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A series by Maura Segal (Mixed Media on Canvas, 24 × 24 in. each) and David Burdeny’s Nets 01 (Photograph, 55 × 44 in.)


These delicate linear elements also harmonize with David Burdeny’s photographwhich we placed on the opposite wall. The still, glassy waters of Nets 01 round out this tranquil collection of pieces.

David Burdeny:

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We (and the client!) are so happy with the way this collection came together. The works are varied in their styles, mediums, and visual qualities but work together cohesively to personalize the space. We can’t wait to see the entire suite completely finished!


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