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Elegant Intricacies

Explore these two different perspectives on an elegant interior with a beautifully detailed ceiling to inspire the way you look at art and the world around you.

Two floor-to-ceiling windows and a ceiling with exceptional intricacies create a framework for the perfect piece of art. Well-crafted, balanced furniture carefully placed around the hand carved, stone mantel draws the eye to this focal point of the room. Imagine gathering in this inviting space with friends over cocktails & hors d’oeuvres or at the latest book club meeting.

Marcie L.
Marcie L.

I chose ‘Silent Woman’ by Beatriz Simon for this elegant living space.  The sophistication of this abstract complements the room and gives it just a little edge. The female figure provides a beautiful focal point for the entire room.  

simon, silent woman, intricate ceiling
Simon, “Silent Woman,” Mixed Media on Canvas, 55 x 55 in.
Mina P.
Mina P.

Leroy’s “Wild Horses” has the perfect blend of strength and beauty for this traditional space.  The dramatic ceiling demands a piece that has the presence to balance it yet allows both elements to shine.  The stunning animals come to life with their movement and grace.  Truly a space to let the imagination run as wild as the horses.

leroy, wild horses, intricate ceiling
Leroy, “Wild Horses,” Oil on Canvas, 60 x 60 in.