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Embrace the Unexpected

Celebrate the beauty of art and the innovative ways it can transform your living spaces. These unconventional placements showcase how artwork can be integrated into your home in surprising and delightful ways.

Think outside the frame and discover the endless possibilities of artistic expression within your everyday environment.


A Conversation Starter in the Stairway

Lori Cozen-Geller, Chatterboxes, Polished stainless steel
Chatterboxes cascade down the stairs where they meet Craig Alan’s painting Multiplicity Aspect¬†


A stunning sculpture installation in this home designed by Catherine Ebert turns an ordinary walk up the stairs into an engaging experience, as each Chatterbox catches and reflects light, creating a dynamic interplay of shadows and reflections. Cascading along the staircase and up onto the adjacent wall, the sculptures invite viewers to interact with the space in a whole new way. It’s as if the chatterboxes are in conversation with each other and the architecture, adding a layer of sophistication and playful energy to the home.

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A Suspended Surprise in the Window

Galiani Design Group chose a creative placement for this Hunt Slonem butterfly painting; the piece is not simply hung on a wall, but suspended by chains in front of a window. The playful flutter of the butterflies in Slonem’s signature style gains a new dimension as natural light filters through, casting delicate shadows that dance around the room. This unique display method transforms the artwork into a living, breathing part of the space, where the changing light of day continuously alters its appearance. It’s an imaginative way to highlight Slonem’s work, making the painting an ever-changing centerpiece that captivates and creates privacy in the space.

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A Playful Addition to the Kitchen

These hyper-realistic glass sculptures by Dylan Martinez, meticulously crafted to resemble plastic bags filled with water, create a stunning visual illusion. Sitting behind the glass cabinets in this collector’s kitchen, this placement allows light to interact with the delicate ripples and reflections. The sculptures add a whimsical and unexpected element to the kitchen, transforming a functional space into a delightful conversation piece and a testament to the magic of illusion in art.

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