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Insider Edit: What Betsy’s Loving


I’m grateful to be surrounded by beautiful, colorful, inspiring artwork everyday. It brings me joy to share it with others. My love of the current season is reflected in these works.

Here are my favorites for the moment…








I can not walk by this airy waterscape without pausing to look, every time. There is a mysterious rhythm in this painting—a sequence of deep lines lie underneath wispy, delicate flowers. The juxtapostion of these two elements display the artist’s uniqueness. The varying shades of purple convey the feeling of energy combined with peace.

Hunt Slonem, Bayou Teche, Oil on Wood, 32 x 55 inches
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Sunlight reflecting on the surface of water, rising and falling, is what I see in this magnetic painting by Audra Weaser. Layers of blues and gold are subtly revealed to us, all by way of the artist’s deliberate sanding process and technique. You can feel the pulsing tides in this piece.

Audra Weaser, Gold Memory, Mixed Media on Panel, 40 x 60 inches
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I feel akin to this spirited bicyclist out to enjoy the day! Bicycling is a favorite activity so I’m naturally inclined to this piece’s subject matter. And why I love mixed media is clearly
displayed in this combination of funky fabrics, and papers with paint and resin, all adding striking texture to this collaborative and distinctive artwork. This cool hipster knows how to ride in style!

Mersuka Dopazo, Bicycle VI, Mixed Media on Canvas, 74 x 65 inches
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