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Insider Edit: What Laura’s Loving

From my own studio practice to my studies of museums and the art ecosystem in my Masters program, I have long been drawn to the creative process. When I come across a work of art for the first time, I try to imagine I am the artist in the process of creating the work.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces…

Here I find myself focusing on the fact that the room is empty and how often do we experience such an extravagance in such privacy?

David Burdeny’s Map Room has mesmerized me since I started at Merritt Gallery over a year ago. I had just come back from a Fellowship at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia and this room reminds me of those beautifully ornate rooms across the Winter Palace.  I could have only dreamed of experiencing those rooms in the way Burdeny has captured this beautiful space – empty.  He depicts a quiet space to revel in all the color and detail and recall the richness of travels.  This piece has me yearning for the next big adventure!


Burdeny, Map Room, Archival Pigment Print, 44 x 55 in.
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Noice’s works are thoughtful and layered. I find myself dissecting the layers of colors, trying to imagine how the work started and admiring the final composition.

The broad palette Noice uses in his latest series of works enrich and enliven his compositions. In Cut Wheat, Flathead, I imagine being outside on a cool day at the golden hour where light casts the most beautiful hue of orange on our surroundings.  It is a breath of fresh air!

Marshall Noice, Cut Wheat, Flathead, Oil on Canvas, 46 x 70 in.
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I am very impressed with the execution of this series of works by Raul de la Torre, sewing on paper — the patience and skill.

De la Torre’s works remind us that life is full of color! I love the rich hues in this delicate paper piece and how he works with thread to reintroduce color to a space where it had previously been removed. De la Torre’s works are hopeful, colorful and masterful! The subtle texture from the edges of the paper to the thread, is just stunning.

Raul De la Torre, Fils I Colors CDLXIX, Mixed Media on Paper, 30 x 22 in.
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