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Insider Edit: What Laura’s Loving

Every piece has a home, and being an Art Consultant allows me the opportunity to see how the depth and breadth of our collection sparks joy in each person that comes through the gallery.

I love pieces where you can imagine yourself as the artist in the studio—you see or feel the process behind the work coming alive through its texture, pattern, and color. Here are just a few of the pieces that have me lingering…

The richness of this piece has me returning time and time again, and each time I see something new. Their gestural and intensional mark making draws my eye across the canvas, while the texture and mixed media call me to step into the piece and examine the details.

Teresa Calderon and Mersuka Dopazo, Pink Lady, Mixed Media on Canvas, 55 × 90.25 in.
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The serene light ripples on the water bring me back to early morning crew team practices in college, wading in the water waiting for our next exercise. My eye moves down the piece with the reflected lines of the mast, elongating the image.

Josef Kote, Stillness, Acrylic on Canvas, 47.75 × 35.5 in.
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The bold color catches my eye and begs me to engage. The playful shadows add greater depth, becoming a part of the sculpture. I imagine this piece in a room filled with natural light to make the shadows dance throughout the day.

Matt Devine, 60-64-18 #2, Powdercoated Steel, 60 × 64 × 6 in.
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