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Insider Edit: What Mina’s Loving

As the Gallery Director in Chevy Chase, it is always exciting to introduce people to “my” world. I love to catch the reactions to certain pieces—whether it’s a smile from a peaceful ocean scene, or an contemplative look from an abstract work. Each piece has a story to tell.

Here are a few pieces that I’m loving at the moment…

This piece brings a nostalgic smile as I think of trying all the crazy flavors with my children when they were young. Pure happiness!

Greg Haynes, Jelly Beans II, Oil on Canvas, 50 × 66 in.
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The bold red makes such an impact and yet there is a calmness. I find it quite captivating.

Tom Bolles, Red Fuzzy Logic, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 × 60 in.
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Having grown up in New York, Schwab takes me home! Such great imagery of abstracted architecture.

Ben Schwab, Half Remembered Dream, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 74 in.
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