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Insider Edit: What Sarah’s Loving

Being a part of the gallery is a dream job for me. My role involves communicating directly with our artists on a regular basis. What a fantastic group of people they are, and I love all the art they create. How to choose just 3?! These pieces are the ones I’m most excited about right now, the ones I would like to have in my own home—but ask me tomorrow, and some new acquisition may have caught my eye!


I love the colors in Belassen’s pieces, and the layers with little squares left exposed. They’re representative pieces but they still have an abstract feel to them. This piece has a vintage beach vibe that takes me back to old school surf days.

Sherri Belassen, Sea Cliff, Oil on Canvas, 36 × 48 in.

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April Midkiff’s new poured paint series had me head over heels immediately. The spontaneous way the paint moves across the canvas feels so fresh and playful. Plus she is so good at pairing bright, vivid colors that really POP!

April Midkiff, Connection Between Us, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 × 54 in.

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At first glance, Amy Van Winkle’s pieces seem so simple, but the longer you look the more you see the layers of oil and wax peeking through. I particularly enjoy exploring the places where tiny amounts of vivid color meet the soft, pale top layer.

Amy Van Winkle, Sense of Space II, Encaustic on Board, 24 × 24 in.

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